On ShowTime was born in 2001 in London. Over time, it has developed experience and
technology to carry out its projects while simultaneously creating a solid and reliable team.

David Robbins


We tell stories. In 2001, David Robbins founded On ShowTime as a studio for animators and artists services to collaborate and be in control of their creative destinies.
Since then, On ShowTime has evolved into an award-winning production company with work spanning the realms of courses on video, documentaries, feature films, cartoons for preschoolers and more.
Committed to our clients, our people and the telling of great stories, we continue to grow not only as high-end feature films studio, but also as original content creators, having recently helmed Betty Bee animated cartoon dedicated to preschoolers.
At On ShowTime we make great content for kids and families. With approximately 8,000 hours of filmed entertainment in our library, we are home to such brands as courses in video lessons, documentaries, cartoons.

Our shows are seen in more than 25 countries on over 50 telecasters and streaming platforms.
Our AVOD business – On ShowTime Spark – offers one of the largest networks of kids’ channels on YouTube, with over 122 million subscribers.

Our registered office is in London, England.

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